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5749 - Bulletin, November 1988 - Letter from the president

I have a dream. It is a dream shared by every one of us. It is to build B’nei Israel as a congregation which will accept Jews of all shades and beliefs to join us and feel bonded to their religion and with our community in Costa Rica. Whether a Jewish family or individual be with us as a permanent resident or on temporary assignment or on vacation, let him feel at home in B’nei Israel. Whether his background be liberal or traditional, whether his native language be English, Spanish, French, German, Russian or Chinese, may he find that the lines of communication are open for us to express our Judaism together.

Thank God we live in a country which is a beacon of religious freedom, liberty of expression, and peace to the world. So B’nei Israel will be a beacon to the world of Jews; from North or South America, from Europe, Asia, Australia; we will be a crossroads where Jews and gather, and pray and share our common heritage and brotherhood.

It will be a primary goal for B’nei Israel to plan and build a modern synagogue and school to fill the needs of our community. As a part of this center, we will have a Peace Tower to serve as symbol of Religious Freedom and Pursuit of Peace in Costa Rica as an example for the rest of the world.

We have other needs. Urgent needs. In fact we need almost everything except a small but committed group of Jewish families, a dynamic sisterhood, and a positive will to succeed and establish ourselves as a permanent Liberal Community.

  • We need a place for B’nei Israel to call Home.

  • We need to build membership. We need a stronger financial base. And we need to reach out to the many Jews throughout the country, many of whom don’t yet know we exist.

  • We need professional help to manage the life cycle events: Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Weddings, Conversions, Deaths, etc.

  • We need a Rabbi ~ or regular visits by Rabbis. And Cantors.

  • We need advice on administration of synagogue in a growing Jewish Liberal Community.

  • We need cemetery facilities.

  • We need Education facilities for our children and adults. ] want to provide that every child of our congregation has the opportunity to know and visit Israel, the heart and soul of our people, and the source of our heritage.

  • We need to forge close ties with World Union. Also communities in the U.S. that can help us. With the Israeli Embassy, with the Centro Israelita and with the Costa Rican community at large. This will also serve the goal of achieving recognition for our community.

I believe you elected me President to lead the congregation towards the accomplishment of these goals.

We have been fortunate to have received help and inspiration from three great Rabbis: Randall Falk, Harold Saperstein, and Clifford Kulwin. We remember well one of the last sermons of Rabbi Saperstein. He was explaining the importance of BEING PREPARED, as in the example of Ben Gurion in Israel. B’NEI ISRAEL is needed here. With substantial growth projected for Costa Rica we will be needed even more in the years to come.

I am dedicated and focused towards achieving the goals I have outlined. With your support B’nei Israel will be prepared, and together we will make the Dream a Reality.

Marvin Sossin Tarbaca, Oct. 29, 1988

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